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This is a list of my favorite memories of you and I <3

1. The first moment I saw you and I thought to myself "Wow, this girl is really pretty".

2. When I realized you weren't stuck up ;)

3. The first time we played rock paper scissors at the jazz festival.

4. The way you asked if it was ok for you to watch the movie with me =) It made me cheese inside.

5. How you secretly wanted to kiss me and used the beso excuse and taking advantage of my ignorance. Yea I said it! <3

6. When I drove to see you despite all the odds and how you were so happy to see me.

7. How we sat on the bathroom floor and just talked and snugged at Ambers.

8. When you made me that special dinner and made a heart with little candles. Chicken alfredo is the BEST!!! NOM NOM NOM

9. The first time you told me you loved me <3

10. Going to see the movie The Box with you and I held your hand for like half the movie.

11. Our first Christmas together at my grandparents house.

12. My Christmas present of 2009 (best present ever!)

13. You throwing up after drinking too much. You might have not of liked it but I liked that I was there for you and taking care of you. =) I like being there for you.

14. Napping together before you had to leave. We snugged so close.

15. This one didn't have you but when i saw avatar everytime that the main character saw the female character he loved I really related with him. I always thought of me and you and it reminded me of how much I am madly in love with you <3